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October 2017 E-Newsletter    
Janus v. AFSCME
2,500 Actions to Protect Undocumented Communities


Janus v. AFSCME
For too long the economy has been rigged and manipulated in favor of the rich and powerful by corporate CEOs and the politicians that do their bidding. The Supreme Court Case, Janus v. AFSCME, is a blatantly political attempt by right-wing corporate interests to take away the freedom of working people to join in strong unions. Read APALA’s response in the Supreme Court’s granting of cert.
2,500 Actions to Protect Undocumented Communities
With our DACA-mented & wider undocumented community under threat, we demand Congress pass a clean DREAM Act, which means NO additional funding for increased border enforcement, NO expanded detention beds and deportations including those with a criminal conviction record, NO building of a border wall, NO changes to the family immigration system, and NO changes to immigrants' access to public benefits. Call 844-551-6921 and demand Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act. Or click here to find out how else you can take action in our 2,500 Actions to Protect Undocumented Communities.
APALA is proud to say #NoMuslimBanEver, a grassroots campaign and mobilization effort that will happen in the weeks leading up to and on October 18, 2017, the day the latest iteration of the Muslim Ban takes full effect. Regardless of what happens in the courtroom, we encourage APALA members to join the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign between now October 18 by raising awareness through events, forums, dialogues, and actions, and by attending the national mobilization on October 18 in Washington, D.C. Read APALA’s statement on the expanded Muslim Ban.
2017 Convention Report Back
In case you missed it, convention brought over 600 union members, community leaders, and young workers together for inspiring keynotes and plenaries, hands on workshops and trainings, two actions, and so much more. We elected a new National President, Monica Thammarath, who serves as the first Laotian-American and youngest ever president of APALA. APALA’s newly elected National Executive Board and staff are reinvigorated to sustain and grow our work for the next 25 years to come. Please click here to see the resolutions that passed and photos from convention.
Associate Membership Update
At convention, we passed a historic constitutional amendment that allows for unorganized APALA members to vote on elections and resolutions – a path forward to building a more inclusive labor movement. The amendment allows APALA to more fully represent Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers and to elevate voices of members in the labor movement; build a more inclusive labor movement, including students, young workers, worker centers, community-based and grassroots organizations, laid off workers, and those on a pathway to work; and foster stronger labor and community partnerships. Please check out the amended constitution and our FAQ for more information.
Defend Free Speech for NFL Players & Athletes
Sign the petition to all NFL team owners and the league and demand them to protect free speech and take substantive action in support of their players' efforts. Americans have long recognized that peaceful protest can be an act of patriotism, and that shouldn’t stop now that racial justice is at the forefront. We need the NFL to lead on this issue, especially because of the power dynamics at play: NFL rosters are 70% black, while many owners, who make billions from black players, are white. Sign here!
International Solidarity Spotlight
On August 17-20, 2017, the Solidarity Center (SC)-Asia staff attended and participated in APALA's 14th Biennial Convention in Anaheim, California. The representatives were Preeda Tongchumnum from Thailand, who spoke on how activists in Thailand have been resisting their own authoritarian government; Joseph Paul Maliamauv from Malaysia, who spoke on organizing activities with women migrant workers in Malaysia, mainly in the palm oil and domestic worker sectors; and Mauroof Zakir from the Maldives, who spoke on the challenges to organizing hotel workers in the Maldives. As Mr. Maliamauv says, "The APALA convention was an eye opener for me in that it demonstrated the diversity and vibrancy of labour activists who are working in a very difficult environment to organise labour and to fight for better working conditions and wages for workers."
Art and Social Justice
Meet powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodgriguez -- a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. immigration issues. Pulitzer Prize winning author Jose Antonio Vargas explains the ironies of anti-immigration hysteria in a country founded by immigrants. Watch Voice of Art: Migration is Beautiful Part 1 here.
Upcoming Events
December 17 – 19: National Executive Board Meeting in Detroit, MI
Become a Member
We’re calling all chapters to ramp up membership of AAPI workers and allies to fight for worker, immigrant, and civil rights. More than ever, we need your voices to organize our communities to resist the Trump administration. Sign-up or renew your 2017 APALA Membership today! 
Press Releases & Media Highlights
Job Opportunities
Thank you to our lifetime warriors:
Mary Anne Ahtye
Mary Au
Willard Beck
Linda Bennett
Luisa Blue
Rob Bonta
Tim Bressler
Brady Calma
Josie Camacho
David Carpio
Maria Castaneda
Gregory Cendana
May Chen
Helen T. Chin
Richard Chu 
Lila Chui
Troy Davis
John Delloro
Henry Eng
Virginia Eng
Christopher Erikson
Miguel Foster
Calvin Gee
Ying Gee
Kim Geron
Tarn Goelling
Yves Gomes
James Hardy
Johanna Puno Hester
Tichakorn Hill
Alex Hing
Jenny Ho
General Holiefield
Arlene Inouye
Ted H. Jacobsen
​Norwood Jewell
Nancy Adams Johnson
Jammi Juarez
Virdell King
Anne Lee
Brandon Leung
Sabrina Liu
Delrico Loyd
Keith Mickens

Barbara Miller

Alana Moy
Lonway Moy
Steven Moy
Elsie Myers
Van S. Nguyen
Ahmed Shakir
Darren Shiroma
Maria Somma
Anna Stuart
Zahid Syed
Kenneth Tang
Mark Taylor
Norman Ten
Monica Thammarath
Marian Thom
Maf Misbah Uddin
Carol Wong
Kent Wong
Michael Yee
Wendell Yee
Alvina Yeh
The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), AFL-CIO was founded in 1992 as the first and only national organization for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) union members to advance worker, immigrant and civil rights. 
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